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Breast Cancer Is One Of The Leading Causes Of Cancer Related Deaths.

Let's Save Ma wants to help change this ...One Screening at a time.

About Let's Save Ma

Getting Cancer, And Giving Back

As an internal medicine physician, Deval Gadhvi, MD is skilled at performing exams, treating illnesses and answering patients' questions.
In 2015, at just 39 years old, Dr. Gadhvi's life drastically changed when she noticed a lump and was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer. The physician with no known risk factors was now the patient fighting for survival.
Her experience as a cancer survivor (in remission since 2015) gave Dr.Gadhvi a new mission in life... to promote early detection of breast cancer in young girls and women, increase breast cancer awareness and screenings in the most vulnerable communities, and support those affected by breast cancer.



Early detection can saves lives, one screening at a time.

Let’s Save Ma is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit charitable organization committed to raising breast cancer awareness and providing breast cancer screenings to women of all ages with a focus on reaching the South Asian and underserved populations.​

We believe the journey to educate women and younger girls about the risks of breast cancer and the need for mammograms starts with AWARENESS and EDUCATION at an early age.

Let's Save Ma delivers breast cancer awareness messaging to schools and community groups in an effort to educate the younger generation. We have found children are the best messengers to help inform and encourage their mothers and other women in their lives to understand the risk factors associated with breast cancer and when to get screened.


From screenings to diagnosis to treatment, Let’s Save Ma assists and supports those affected by breast cancer.  Anyone impacted by cancer will have access to education, counseling, nutritional guidance, and support throughout their journey.

How we make
a difference

Breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related deaths in women in India and the most common cancer diagnosed in American women. When breast cancer is detected at an early stage the survival rate increases dramatically. 

Let’s Save Ma can make a difference by delivering a breast cancer awareness campaign that promotes early detection and the need for screenings. 


How you can make 
a difference

Volunteer:  we are always looking for new volunteers to support our mission and assist with community and fundraising events.


Join Our Advisory Board: if you are a medical professional, nutritionist, business leader, breast cancer survivor, or concerned citizen, board applications are being accepted.

DONATE: whether it’s an event ticket, sponsorship, or general donation, every gift helps to further our mission.


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